Luscious recently produced a second film to feature in Action Stations at the Australian National Maritime Museum. Entitled ‘Operation Jaywick – Dark Victory’ the film was a joint production between the Singapore National Museum and the Australian National Museum showcasing the birth of Special Forces in Australia.

Due to the covert nature of the original operation there was a very limited amount of historical material to tell the story. The 16 metre by 3 metre ultra-widescreen format of the delivery dictated the images were built in 6K requiring a technically complex production and delivering workflow to enable us to meet the delivery date working to a compressed timeline.

Luscious undertook a significant amount of historical research before writing the scripts, storyboarding the film, researching and creating the 2D and 3D imagery (including a true-to-life 3D CGI Krait and the foldable canoes) then producing and delivering the critically well received film.

Luscious commissioned, briefed and produced the soundtrack including sourcing historical sound bites and historically accurate sound-bite recreations which were brought together to create a collage style narration for the film.

 Informational Graphics were designed and projected into 3D space with 2D subtitles then added in several languages to accommodate the international nature of the audience.

A guided immersive Virtual tour of ‘The Krait” is now under production with the look and design matched to the original ‘Operation Jaywick – Dark Victory’ film. Upon completion the experience will be installed at both the Singapore National Museum and the Australian National Maritime Museum.