IPP America commissioned Luscious to create a life-like 6 degrees of freedom experience within a fully stocked and visually operational pet shop.

A combination of filmed live-action, digital matte paintings and 3D CGI were combined to deliver the 6 Dof immersive experience. 

The structure of the store was built from 2 dimensional CAD file plans of a real store then texture mapped using colours, signage and art work created by the advertising agency.

Real staff were filmed in an operational store and the footage was then looped to create a continuous visual narrative. 

The sound recorded on location was processed in Unreal Engine to create 3 dimensional location specific spatial sound.

A high level of realistic detail was created using 3D CGI stock texture mapped with actual products from the store.

It would be feasible to create an operational virtual store where customers could inspect and buy products online for later delivery.


Luscious produced the Cannes Silver Lion award winning virtual reality wedding campaign for J. Walter Thompson Worldwide.  

We filmed a wedding in Auckland New Zealand in 360 VR then created a multi-view VR experience, which was later enjoyed by guests at a virtual wedding in Sydney where same sex marriage was not yet legal. 

The Virtual wedding experience in Sydney was filmed then edited to create an online advertising campaign with the powerful message: "Australia, It’s time to make marriage equality a reality.” Then becoming a rallying cry of the “yes” campaign.

This highly successful approach of producing a VR or AR component which then serves as the base component for a commercial which can be filmed and screened in a traditional manner proved to be a highly successful and repeatable approach to creating an advertising campaign.