Original one Hour Television pilot - Crime. The mutilated body of a female tourist is found in the Outback outside of Alice Springs. When the local Police struggle to solve the crime a Detective Jake Simmons is sent down from Darwin to head the investigation. His arrival back in Alice Springs brings long dormant conflicts and rivalries back to life. The remote and seemingly endless Outback, the ingrained prejudice of the uncooperative locals and the reality that nearly everyone Jake questions seems to be hiding a secret makes the crime almost impossible to solve.

Original feature Film screenplay - Drama. The beautifully inspiring yet bittersweet love story of Jack and Maggie Adams from Detroit Michigan is a metaphor for the death of the American dream.

Original feature Film - Family animated drama. Set in the underworld, down the back alleys and on the mean streets Los Angeles, an abandoned dog tries to find his way home and discovers true friendship along on the way.

Feature Film rewrite - Action. They fish out of water story of a Shoalin Monk who wins a trip to America and finds himself thrown into a world of capitalism, advertising and greed, then becomes an accidental hero.

Screenplay adaptation of the Chuck Palahniuk novel RANT. The story of the rabid serial killer Rant Casey who becomes obsessed with achieving immortality.